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I’m a Web Developer, Programmer, Graphic Designer and Photographer creating awesome and effective visual identities for companies of all sizes for over 12 years. Let’s start scrolling and learn more about me.






To say that computers have fascinated me for years would be a gross understatement. During my post-secondary training in Computer and Business Applications, I was introduced to the fascinating world of Website Design and the software used to create ‘eye candy’ for the internet. (My inner geek was in heaven!)

After completion of my training, I entered the workforce in Tech Support and Customer Service, moving up to programming and running of CNC machines (Computer Numerical Control) which further added to my knowledge base of how different computer languages interacted with programs.

Unfortunately, due to a foot injury, I had to leave my beloved CNC machines behind. During my brief convalescence, my passion for design led me to enroll in McKenzie College where I immersed my grey matter in Graphic Design, Web Design, Flash Animation, Programming and Digital Photography. Graduating with Honours in 2008, I then went on to have a successful career with a local translation bureau.

When budget cuts and downsizing occurred at the workplace in 2012, I decided to take a leap of faith, put my veritable plethora of computer skills together, and hence Clark Media & Design was born.

I have been on every side of a development team from Concept Design to Development at CFB Gagetown, to Creative Directing, Development, and Project Management with Clark Media & Design. I believe my experience (both professional and personal), my ability to work independently and as a team player, as well as my desire to continue learning and challenge myself has molded me into the perfect candidate for this position. If given the opportunity, I will contribute to the success of your organization with my attention to detail, enthusiasm, creativity, drive to learn, and determination.


This is a sample of the projects I have completed. Check back regularly to see what fun new things I have added.



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